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I will print your 3d models in fdm or sls technology

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The prices listed are just indicators. Please contact me before ordering anything in order to provide you a free quote for your part(s).

I own 3 industrial grade FDM printers (up to 300° C nozzle temp) with dimensions up to 300x300x600 mm as well as a SLS printer operating on PA12 Nylon powder.

I always have some technical colors (black, white, grey, nature) of commonly used materials (PLA, ABS, ASA, PET-G) in stock. If you need something special I'll order it but it will extend the delivery by a few days.

I ship EU-wide via DHL Parcel.

As I am new to 3DJOBBER I ask you to be patient with me. I'll try to answer as quick and as good as I can but I don't know the platform too much and will need some adjustments. But you can be sure that you'll receive parts in great quality.

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Jake Sanderson

I will print your 3d models in fdm or sls technology

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    April 29, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact me directly with your file and delivery location so I can calculate the print and the shipping to your country. This is just a matter of minutes

Depends how big it is and what material you need. Contact me with your file and I can give you a good estimate

FDM is the popular and more economic solution. It will melt the plastic and add layer per layer. The parts are usually hollow and reinforced (10-20%) and you will clearly see the melted layers + the lines of extrusion on the top and bottom layers. However, the machines and the material are cheap

With SLS-printing a thin layer of powder is placed into the chamber. It is then melted with a laser so it solidifies afterwards. The parts are printed as designed (there is no infill etc. like in FDM), so if you need it hollow, please design it this way. It has a better resolution and a sandy feel

Feel free to contact me to discuss different scenarios. If I messed up I'll reprint ASAP and add some candy
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