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About Us

We are currently seeking a highly skilled freelancer to take on a 3D printing project, focusing on the production of unique retail products and novelties. Our company is dedicated to selling innovative products and gadgets online, continually expanding our catalog with fresh, creative designs that captivate our customers.

The ideal candidate for this project will be proficient in 3D printing, capable of transforming our digital designs into tangible products with precision and accuracy. This role requires attention to detail, reliability, and the ability to work effectively under deadlines. Experience in creating consumer goods through 3D printing and a strong understanding of the various materials and techniques involved is crucial.

Your responsibilities will include the entire production process, from interpreting the initial design files to the final execution of high-quality 3D printed items. You will collaborate closely with our design team to ensure that the specifications and aesthetic qualities of the products meet our high standards.

If you are passionate about 3D printing and have a track record of producing exceptional retail items, we would love to hear from you. This opportunity could lead to ongoing work, as we are always in the process of designing new products and require dependable freelancers for production.

Please submit your proposal, portfolio, and any relevant experiences that demonstrate your ability to undertake this project successfully. Join us in bringing innovative products to the market and expanding the horizons of what 3D printing can achieve in the retail space.

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    Over 30 Days
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    America (USA)